American Legion Post 43

Post 43 History

A Brief Tullahoma American Legion History

Post 43 was at its peak in the 80's and 90's and was the largest Post in Tennessee at one point with over 2000 Legion members, not counting the Sons of The Legion and Ladies Auxiliary members. At its pinacol, the Post was able to raise sufficient funds very easily by means of Bingo, raffles, and operating a full-time restaurant and lounge, featuring entertainment, live bands and dancing every weekend. Post 43 was for many years considered the “hottest place in town”. However, changes to Tennessee laws made it illegal for the organization, to use Bingo and Raffles as a fundraising tool plus the legalization of Liquor By The Drink for all restaurants and bars, not just private clubs made it extremely difficult for us to survive.

Over time the membership dropped dramatically and fund raising became substantially more challenging, Post 43 was compelled to make dramatic changes. Ultimately the Post was forced to shut down the restaurant and lounge, sell its’ large building and most of the property, cut its losses and relocate to where we are currently. The Post purchased the old town pool hall on downtown Atlantic Street. The old pool hall was renovated in 2009 and is at this time being remodeled for the second time. During its’ good days, the Post was also able to tuck away enough savings to sustain its’ operation for the last sixteen years without any additional fundraising. Unfortunately, the savings will soon run out if the Post isn't able to develop a source of income large enough to sustain itself. Today our Post Legion membership is less than 200 members, with 80% over the age of 60. Many of our veteran seniors are unable to get out and work on conducting community fund raising events. 




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